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Crystal & Rashaad met online. One day they were chatting and Crystal was thinking about getting a coffee. At that very moment Rashaad asked her if she would like to meet at the coffee shop. It was a sign from God that it was meant to be! She agreed to meet with him. At the coffee shop they found out they had been attending the same church for some time and didn’t know it because they were going to different services. They talked for at least 4 hours until the coffee shop closed.

Rashaad proposed 9 months later on Christmas Eve. He was just recovering from eye surgery and had been out of work for a while. They knew they wanted to get married, but he kept telling Crystal he didn’t have the money for a ring yet, even though he did! While they were with family on Christmas Eve, Rashaad pretended to have his brother in law take a family photo when he was actually recording everything. Rashaad got down on one knee and proposed and Crystal was so surprised!

Crystal and Rashaad have such a strong bond, its beautiful to see. When we met them at the coffee shop to talk about their wedding day, you could just see how much they love each other. We enjoyed hearing all about how them met and enjoyed their company so much, that we all closed down the coffee shop too!

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