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When Dana and Eric met on a dating app, they decided to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Despite their initial misgivings about each other, the two of them quickly relaxed and enjoyed getting to know one another over drinks and laughs. At the end of the night, they shared an amazing kiss that marked the start of their journey together. 

On what was supposed to be just another date night, Eric had something special planned for Dana. He put on his best suit and filled the entire downstairs with rose petals and white tea candles. When Dana came down stairs she couldn't believe her eyes! Her jaw dropped open in amazement as Eric got down on one knee. He took out a ring box, opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring, and asked "Dana will you marry me?". After all these years together, this was finally it - Dana said yes! They embraced each other as they began planning their future together as husband and wife.

We loved being a part of their beautiful celebration at Renault Winery. It was such a special day and we wish Dana and Eric all the best in their journey together!

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